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Event Planning Training

Event Planning and Management Course

Certificate in Event Planning
Become a Certified Event Planner
The Event planning and Management course is specifically designed to make participants become professional Event Planner. Real event scenario will be introduced and used in class to develop participant’s skills and at the end of the Event Planning Training, participant will be able to Plan a complete event. In addition, this Event Planning Training will prepare participant to add other aspect of specialization to Event Planning, it could be learning Venue Decoration, Catering, Small-chops, Makeup, Bead Making etc. At the end of all this training, participants will become a Certified Event Planner, Event Manager and Event Coordinator.

Event Planning/Management Professional Training Outline
The course has been designed to cover the following knowledge areas;
• Event Planning Essentials
• Objectives/Goal of the Event
• Develop Event Scope and Requirement Review
• Resource Estimation and Scheduling/Event Planning Worksheet
• Budgeting
• How to Select a good Venue for Clients
• Business Etiquette Basics
• How to use a Committee Approach
• How to Setup an Event Menu
• How to Celebrate Diversity at an Event
• How to Select Speakers and a Master of Ceremonies for an Event
• How to Select Vendors for an Event
• Managing Contracts with Clients and Vendors
• Event Day Roles
• Managing Event Risk
• Advertising/Marketing

Event Planning/Management Training Location, Dates & Fee
Billiza Events is a professional Event Planning and Management company certified in Project Management, Conference and Event Management. For information on dates and fees for Event Planning Training, click on the calendar/fee tab or chat with us.

  • Weekends
  •  2 weeks
  • Saturday and Sunday (9am-4pm)
  • N69,000

Send your name, phone number, email address, training location, amount paid to info@billizaevents.com

• Individuals who intend on obtaining a Conference and Event Management Certification
• Individuals from any discipline who intend on becoming An Event Planner
• Project Managers who manage and execute diverse projects
• Individuals seeking a career change or switching industry
• Individual who are passionate about Party Planning
• Individuals who will like to plan their Events themselves

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